Bonjour PAUL


The French have arrived in Northern Virginia with the opening of PAUL Bakery & Cafe at Tysons Galleria. Situated on the lower level in a space that once accommodated The Daily Grill, PAUL is a gleaming shop with plenty of light and delectable offerings. While we were pleased with the hot chocolate and crossings that were purchased, it appears the new business will need to work on speed and efficiency. It took rather long to make and pay for a simple order. Perhaps it was first day jitters. However, some time-starved customers may find this frustrating. But a majority should welcome PAUL as it will give Corner Bakery, Starbucks, and the Neiman Marcus cafe a run for their money.


Photo Credit: Jason Colston for PAUL USA


An Oasis on 29?

When exiting the core of Reston Town Center, you notice that the surrounding area is well-planned and co-exists in harmony with the aesthetic of the landmark development. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Mosaic District complex in Fairfax/Merrifield. Situated on the corner of Route 29 and Gallows Road, this sparkling new development is an oasis built in the heart of an industrial wasteland; lined with auto-repair shops, home improvement stores and warehouses. We scoped out the place yesterday. While the urban complex has great potential with an eclectic tenant mix in cookie-cutter Northern Virginia, we found our exiting trip to be painful. The surrounding area needs a considerable amount of investment. Landscaping on Route 29 will require serious attention and some businesses may have to re-locate if Merrifield wants to be the next up-and-coming hot spot.