The Rundown: Good Stuff, Thomas Pink, CNN and More


Food: The Good Stuff Eatery may find a home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and China. In an interview with EATER, owner Spike Mendelsohn stated that “serious” meetings had taken place with various developers from those regions. But Micheline Mendelsohn tells us nothing is solid as of yet. “We are nowhere near closing any deals or locations,” she added. Arlington-based Elevation Burger and NYC-based Shake Shack already have locations in the Middle East.

Retail: British luxury shirt specialist Thomas Pink has opened a new store in Tyson’s Galleria.

Retail: TopShop has opened a flagship store in Los-Angeles. More U.S. locations are rumored including one at CityCenter D.C.

Media: Michael Homes joins Newsroom International as co-anchor, effective 2/18.

Media: Journalism professor Jeff Jarvis scolds the BBC and anchor Adnan Nawaz for inciting “technopanic.”

Retail: If Apple can an open a store in New-York City’s Grand Central Station, how about a location at the soon-to-be vacant Barnes & Noble space at Union Station?

Photo Credit: Thomas Pink


The Rundown…

Courtesy of DC LibraryCommunity: Deanwood library opens today. DC’s public libraries have been going through a steady transformation courtesy of the well-respected Ginnie Cooper & Co. On the outset, her vision appears to make libraries a focal point of communities, and we think she has executed that vision perfectly with help from some talented architects.Courtesy of DC Library

Parking: D.C lifts meter limits after 6:30 pm.

Metro: What a novelty. Come fall, we might be able to rent a movie or buy something from a metro station.

Infrastructure:  The District will install free Wi-Fi hotspots in the Chinatown and Penn Quarter neighborhoods prior to the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, scheduled to arrive in D.C. July 11-15. In related news, Google is planning to build a fiber-optic network in select communities across the United States. For now, the company wants to reach at “least 50,000 and potentially up to 500,000 people.” Imagine, one gigabyte per second.

Dining: Againn Tavern, a younger concern to Againn, opens in Rockville on June 29.

Sport: USA vs. Ghana at the World Cup. LIVE on June 26 at 2:30 PM EST. DC is a passionate soccer city. Dan Steinberg covered the ratings for our win over Algeria.


The Rundown

Media: The New York Times, not The Post, is the top online newspaper, comScore says.

More Media: Piers Morgan, America’s Got Talent judge, to sign with CNN?

Hotels: Bethesda-based Marriott Hotels reveals more about its boutique brand; Edition.

Demographics: Forbes has created a mapping website that shows domestic county-to-county migration trends during 2008. You discover where people in the US moved to and from that year. As much as we dislike this town for its traffic and snobby residents, are more people moving here than escaping it?

Culture: La Festa Italiana is taking place on Sunday, June 20 and bringing a little slice of Italian music, food, and flair to DC.

Travel: United Airlines begins service from Dulles to Accra, Ghana on June 20.

TV: Top Chef DC premieres on Bravo.

Food: Red Mango frozen yogurt opened its doors in Arlington, VA on June 5. Yep, we know. We’re late on this one.  Korean-based Red Mango has stores in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and South Africa. A Vienna location is coming soon near the Amphora complex on Maple Avenue.


The Rundown…

Culture: DC is fifth on the “bohemian index”, a list of uber-creative cities. Richard Florida, author of The Creative Class and founder of the Creative Class Group, believes San-Antonio is the most non-bohemian city.

More Culture: Actor Laurence Fishburne brings “Thurgood”  to life.

Transport: Zipcar plans to go public as a way to pay down its debt.

Design: Massimo Vignelli, who designed the original signs on the Metro system, thinks they have gotten too cluttered.

Media: Tony Burman, head of Al Jazeera-English, claims BBC offers a “British perspective of the world.” Interesting, but the BBC is the single most quoted news source by US bloggers, says a Pew report.

Funny and Random: The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, also known as the Deficit Commission, has run out of money.


The Rundown…

Here’s what we’re tracking so far.

Auto: Ford’s highly-anticipated Fiesta model, which goes on sale this summer, begins airing commercials for the new brand. Creating quite the internet buzz. The Fiesta was also used in the 007 movie Casino Royale.

Sport: Inter-Milan and Manchester City face-off in a friendly match at Baltimore’s M&T Stadium. Let’s hope the city is prepared to deal with 72,000 fans this time.

Dining: Merzi, an indian fast-casual restaurant, plans to open this summer in Penn Quarter.

Retail: After a string of closings, Georgetown is bouncing back with a possibility of three new store openings. Barbour from the U.K., Camper from Spain, and Madewell (domestic).

The Rundown…

Sport: AC Milan plays D.C. United on May 26 at RFK stadium.

Dining: A few weeks ago, The Internationalist confirmed that the U.K.-based Wagamama noodle restaurant would not pursue a plan to open up a location in D.C. Although Wagamama has leased space in Chinatown and continues to pay rent, they have decided to shelve their plans. What about the future? Spokeswoman Meredith Clancy tells the WBJ that D.C.  “is still among the markets being considered for a Wagamama.” Fingers crossed.

The Rundown…

Retail: According to sources, Gucci will open a new store in the Tysons Galleria. Confirmation received through mall website. It’s parent company, General Growth Properties, filed for bankruptcy last year.

Event: The “Social Safeway” celebrated its opening in Georgetown and threw a VIP party. It was the event people were waiting for all year. A party at a grocery store.

Design: Beginning May 12 at 7th & H Streets NW, DDOT will implement the “Barnes Dance,” an X shaped pedestrian crossing pattern that will allow people to move in any direction including diagonally.

TV: The Good Wife on CBS makes watching lawyers and courtooms fun.  Hence, the team at The Internationalist decide to hand out a virtual award to the freshman hit for best tv drama of the season. The show has strong characters, clever plotlines, and an excellent score by David Buckley. We think it has an Internationalist appeal.