Opening Dates: PAUL, Le Pain Quotidien and More

Tysons Corner: PAUL Bakery is “hoping” to open before the holidays in Tysons Galleria

Mosaic District: According to the development website, Le Pain Quotidien is now open. Cava Mezze and Taylor Gourmet opening dates have been pushed back into next year.


The Extended Rundown

Dining: According to PQ Living, PAUL, the French bakery chain, is opening in the district. @SilenceDogoodJr, a follower of The Internationalist, asked for confirmation on the opening. @PAUL__UK responded; “Yes. We are very excited about it and it will be opening in December.”

Education: This area has the highest percentage of those with a college degree. But the analysis fails to mention what happens when you crowd a whole bunch of smart people into one area; a sense of inferiority if you are not keeping up with the Joneses.

Retail: I personally e-mailed Mark Nitkey, Senior Vice President of Store Design at Banana Republic, to consider moving their store on F Street. I made three points; the current store was too small and dated. It was too far from the cluster of stores that occupy the Woodies building, and opening a new location would give the company a chance to introduce the “Revolution” concept to the market. To my surprise, Mark responded and was grateful for my suggestion. He said the new concept for BR is in test mode, but assured me he would take my idea into consideration. Thanks, Mark.

Travel: Tony Hughes, Senior Vice President of the Americas for Qatar Airways, speaks to Elite Traveler.

Television: The Good Wife premiered this past week, and pushed the envelope in terms of racy content. In the 37th minute, an oral sex scene was performed by Alicia and Peter Florrick. It was a first for network television that is often constrained by draconian laws. In an interview with EW, show creator Robert King discussed the scene and it’s importance to the episode;

We had a… shall we say ‘delicate’ collaboration with Standards & Practices. We went to them early to describe the scene, and why it was important for character development that Alicia be the more passive sexual participant. To our mind, it was never going to be a gratuitous scene. It was about how desire is ignited through Peter’s observation of his wife asserting power. And it had to be a scene of Peter being the active participant because it had to demonstrate his desire and not necessarily hers. We like the scene. We especially like how the scene slingshots you from court to marital life so quickly.”