D.C. Massimo Dutti to Open in November

According to WWD, Spanish-based retailer Massimo Dutti will open their Georgetown location in November. Zara’s older sibling will setup shop at 1220 Wisconsin Avenue. Parent company Inditex finally admits to the exact location after dodging our questions. We can only hope the customer service is better than Zara’s. We personally witnessed a scene at Zara Montgomery Mall.

Customer: “I would like to buy that cologne, but it is on the top-shelf which I cannot reach. Can someone take it down?

Zara Rep: “Are you gonna buy it or not?”

Customer: “Of course, why else would I be asking!”


Massimo Dutti Needs a Manager


Care to work for Massimo Dutti in Georgetown as their new manager? Now is your chance to apply. And based upon Old Georgetown Board meeting minutes, Zara’s older sibling is proposing alterations to the exterior of 1220 Wisconsin Avenue.

Harry Potter’s Connection to Georgetown

Well, well. D.C. seems to have a legitimate connection to one of the most successful movie franchises in recent history. David Yates, the British-born director who helmed the last four Potter flicks, attended Georgetown University in the late 80’s to study politics. After a stint at the University of Essex, the soft-spoken Yates attended Georgetown before going on to the National Film & Television in school in Beaconsfield, England.

Georgetown GapKids to Close?

According to a store employee, the GapKids store in Georgetown will close and its merchandise will be “consolidated” in the main Gap store across the street. As we strolled through the main Gap store, we noticed that certain parts were sealed due to renovations.

The move – if true – comes as no surprise considering the company is downsizing operations in the United States and ramping up expansion overseas. It’s not clear whether the entire Gap store will be remodeled (we didn’t ask), but the entire property needs an extensive facelift. The store pales in comparison to the Ginza/Tokyo location. The video link is a must see.

Photo Credit: Gap Media