Holiday Rundown: Shawafel, Burberry, and More

We’ve been off the grid at D.C. Internationalist. But here is a rundown of the most recent and notable news items.

Travel: British Airways will feature the A380 on flight 216/217 to Dulles next September.

Media: Al Jazeera America is interested in prestige than profit.

Food: Despite the fast-casual craze in D.C., Ping Pong Dim Sum and Yo!Sushi are currently not in expansion mode.

More Food: Per the Shawafel social media guru, the fast-casual Lebanese joint plans to setup shop in the Courthouse area. More on this as we get it.

Update: Shawafel intends to open at 1919 Wilson Blvd in the spring.

Retail: Conneticut Avenue is losing a flagship retailer [Burberry] to CityCenter. Does the strip have any chance of attracting high-end retailers?  Prada and Saint Laurent have signed leases at Tysons Galleria making Conneticut Avenue seem like an after-thought.

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British Airways May Launch Dreamliner Service to Dulles

That’s right, folks! There is growing speculation online that British Airways will use the 787 on its Washington route. It could replace the dated 767 aircraft currently being used on one of the three flights that fly to Dulles. If the speculation is true – and it may very well be, the move would be positive considering how other players have upped their game or entered the market. But don’t expect to see the new kid on the block until the end of the year. Anything sooner would be a surprise. In the meantime, check out the video below which shows off BA’s A380 interior. The aircraft will be deployed to LAX – unfortunately – later this year.

Lufthansa A380 May Serve Dulles in Future

In an interview with Flight Global, Jens Bischof, Lufthansa VP of Americas, said a number of possible A380 destinations “look good to us” including Miami, Washington Dulles, and Chicago.  According to a press release, the German carrier is scheduled to announce a sixth A380 destination by the middle of this year as the fleet grows. Dulles is prepped to handle A380 service. Air France will begin serving the Washington market in June with the super-jumbo jet.

The Rundown

Media: The New York Times, not The Post, is the top online newspaper, comScore says.

More Media: Piers Morgan, America’s Got Talent judge, to sign with CNN?

Hotels: Bethesda-based Marriott Hotels reveals more about its boutique brand; Edition.

Demographics: Forbes has created a mapping website that shows domestic county-to-county migration trends during 2008. You discover where people in the US moved to and from that year. As much as we dislike this town for its traffic and snobby residents, are more people moving here than escaping it?

Culture: La Festa Italiana is taking place on Sunday, June 20 and bringing a little slice of Italian music, food, and flair to DC.

Travel: United Airlines begins service from Dulles to Accra, Ghana on June 20.

TV: Top Chef DC premieres on Bravo.

Food: Red Mango frozen yogurt opened its doors in Arlington, VA on June 5. Yep, we know. We’re late on this one.  Korean-based Red Mango has stores in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and South Africa. A Vienna location is coming soon near the Amphora complex on Maple Avenue.