The Rundown: Good Stuff, Thomas Pink, CNN and More


Food: The Good Stuff Eatery may find a home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and China. In an interview with EATER, owner Spike Mendelsohn stated that “serious” meetings had taken place with various developers from those regions. But Micheline Mendelsohn tells us nothing is solid as of yet. “We are nowhere near closing any deals or locations,” she added. Arlington-based Elevation Burger and NYC-based Shake Shack already have locations in the Middle East.

Retail: British luxury shirt specialist Thomas Pink has opened a new store in Tyson’s Galleria.

Retail: TopShop has opened a flagship store in Los-Angeles. More U.S. locations are rumored including one at CityCenter D.C.

Media: Michael Homes joins Newsroom International as co-anchor, effective 2/18.

Media: Journalism professor Jeff Jarvis scolds the BBC and anchor Adnan Nawaz for inciting “technopanic.”

Retail: If Apple can an open a store in New-York City’s Grand Central Station, how about a location at the soon-to-be vacant Barnes & Noble space at Union Station?

Photo Credit: Thomas Pink


Jewel In The Crown

How do you fix a news channel with an identity crisis? You take a page from its younger and often under-appreciated sibling — CNN International. It is Time Warner’s jewel in the crown. With strong profits and ratings across the world, the global network must be unleashed on to American viewers. The question is whether executives in Atlanta and New-York have the guts to execute on such a bold move. Over the last decade, CNN’s revolving door has spun fast. Hence, simulcasting a good portion of CNNi programming on the American mothership may be the only solution to solving CNN’s woes. Not only will a re-positioning improve credibility in the public eye, CNN actually may steal some viewers from global news channels carving out niche audiences in the States. Will viewers be lost in process? Perhaps. Those who have a distaste for oatmeal over candy will likely gravitate elsewhere. But imagine the savings in production costs if CNN U.S. were to air International Desk with Hala Gorani or Connect The World with Becky Anderson in key time-slots.

The Rundown

Media: The New York Times, not The Post, is the top online newspaper, comScore says.

More Media: Piers Morgan, America’s Got Talent judge, to sign with CNN?

Hotels: Bethesda-based Marriott Hotels reveals more about its boutique brand; Edition.

Demographics: Forbes has created a mapping website that shows domestic county-to-county migration trends during 2008. You discover where people in the US moved to and from that year. As much as we dislike this town for its traffic and snobby residents, are more people moving here than escaping it?

Culture: La Festa Italiana is taking place on Sunday, June 20 and bringing a little slice of Italian music, food, and flair to DC.

Travel: United Airlines begins service from Dulles to Accra, Ghana on June 20.

TV: Top Chef DC premieres on Bravo.

Food: Red Mango frozen yogurt opened its doors in Arlington, VA on June 5. Yep, we know. We’re late on this one.  Korean-based Red Mango has stores in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and South Africa. A Vienna location is coming soon near the Amphora complex on Maple Avenue.


Memo to CNN: Give Us News

Great. Now that Campbell Brown is stepping down from her role at CNN, we’ll have more people talking about how CNN should improve it’s ratings. Unfortunately, The Internationalist is jumping on that bandwagon, but for good reason. You see, we just want the news. We don’t care about slogans; “No Bias, No Bull”, “Keeping Them Honest,” or your pompous music playing in the background. Nor do we care about what some democratic or republican strategist has to say about a political story. Just give us the news.  In 2006, CNN U.S. began airing Your World Today, and then dropped it because the economy took center stage. Suddenly, we needed a whole show devoted to Issue #1. We challenge CNN to learn more from its sister network – CNN International – and to air a prime-time newscast that covers the news as it should be with simple reporting. Hmm…what a quaint idea.

Your move CNN.