Special Post: Bloomberg TV Relaunch

You’d be forgiven for not noticing, but the decorators have made some major changes
to Bloomberg TV. Under the leadership of Ross Fitzpatick, Creative Director of Visualization, the upscale business network relaunched with new programming, sets, graphics, and music on October 5th. It takes courage to be different and not mimic the market leader, but Bloomberg has achieved a distinctive and an effective look in a crowded landscape. Although market information remains – unfortunately – to the bottom and side of the screen, the other presentation elements appear elegant and clean. The sets are bright and the music package is contemporary and unique for an American news channel. News themes in the U.S. tend be loud and pompous. Not Bloomberg’s. It’s simple, modern, and classy all at the same time. This is British composer David Lowe’s first major project in the United States. Through his work for Bloomberg, Lowe has shown the competition that news music can be a pleasure to listen to. Still not convinced? Just ask the thousands of viewers on YouTube  or across the globe who have listened to his news themes for the BBC, CCTV, TV2 Norway, NDTV, and Al Arabiya.

From a programming perspective, Go appears smart and informative. It had a lot of prominent guests perhaps due in part to its debut on the network. The one show that has shown potential is Bloomberg West with Emily Chang. Its new look gives it a modern/techie vibe. Check plus. The commentary is smart and insightful and viewers would be game for a full hour versus a constrained 30 minutes. I know I’d be up for it.


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