Commonalities with Mishal

This teenage crush might be fading away, but it seemed like a silly and fun idea to identify what I have in common with the BBC’s Mishal Husain. Apparently, there’s quite a bit that based upon the list below.

Star Sign: We’re both Pisces. Kind. Caring. Empathetic. Down to earth folk.

UAE: Both lived in the UAE and left at the age of 12. That’s a daily double!

Language: People – in my opinion – find it cute when we speak our native language. Hey, at least we try.

Religion: We share the same views on faith. Progressive. Liberal. It’s not as simple as what you do on the exterior (i.e., praying).

Family: Both come from respectable families which contributed to the founding of Pakistan and its society.

Social Circles: We share common family friends.

Personalities: Both citizens of the world. Our parents were born in one country and lived in many others. We’re curious about the places we live in and the people we share it with.


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