NPR Generation Listen Project Needs More Ears

No organization is immune to layoffs…including National Public Radio. I was troubled by a tweet I discovered recently in which the photo depicted employees bidding farewell to those who had accepted buyouts. NPR is a beacon of journalism in a world where profit stomps over content and integrity. So it is with great sadness that I pen this blogpost and offer a piece of advice; NPR must invest in its future audience and ramp up efforts on NPR Generation Listen.

The project is supposed to focus on my demographic (20’s). But I don’t see a lot of effort being mustered by this endeavor. The bright spot: the daily production of abundant and accessible content that my demo would find appealing. A prime example of this was an interview conducted by David Greene with the band TLC. The segment was energetic, fun, and exuded gravitas. If NPR can package and tailor its content into a 30 minute weekend show or digital podcast, I think more of my peers will tune in which is exactly what the public broadcaster needs to ensure its survival.


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