What Would Turness Do at NBC?

If NBC News is on the verge of appointing a British woman as its next president, what would she do in her position at the beleaguered network? Here are some ideas…

Foreign Desk: Increase funding and ask that editors dedicate more air-time to international stories.

Ann Curry: Take her out for a meal and ease the noticeable tension. The new president will want Curry to stay with the network and may offer her the chance to anchor her own show.

Today:  Re-invigorate the brand offering new and innovative ideas to draw viewers back in. It is understood that the U.K. media business is a “factory” for  bold programming ideas [Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Weakest Link, American Idol].

Nightly News: Give Brian Williams a co-anchor or “supporting anchor.” ITV’s flagship newscasts at 6:30 and 10 pm feature two anchors. 

NBC News: Rebrand the news output featuring a consistent and less-cluttered look. Turness recently oversaw the relaunch of ITV News with the help of a British branding firm well-known for its on-air identities. Her name pops up at the end of the clip. See link above.


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