Sophisticated is Back with The Good Wife

Hallelujah. An audience exists for sophisticated drama. Over nine million viewers tuned into watch the season finale of The Good Wife on CBS. Having ended season four with twists and turns, The Good Wife, created by Robert and Michelle King, is without a doubt the smartest show on network television. It boasts consistently good writing, a stellar and impeccably-dressed cast & outstanding production values. In an era where programming has been dumbed down to reach the lowest common denominator of society, the Tiffany network is challenging the status quo with a slew of shows that entertain and make the audience think. Shows like CBS This Morning and The Good Wife prove that audiences exist for “niche” programming. The good news [no pun intended] is advertisers have taken notice. And not just any type of advertiser. In March 2012, luxury jeweler Cartier ran a whopping three-minute commercial during a Good Wife episode. It was beautifully executed and viewers took notice. When an advertisement compliments the values of a t.v. show, it’s a natural brand extension that makes creative and financial sense for all parties.

I offer two words to the cast and whole crew including Robert and Michelle King, Brooke Kennedy, and David Zucker; thank you!


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