Withering TV News Graphics

One of the many problems with American television news is the overwhelming graphics viewers encounter. From the moment we switch to CNN, MSNBC or Fox, we are bombarded with flashy graphics, large fonts, and pompous music. It’s thought by the powers-that-be that these tactics are sure to grab the limited attention span of viewers. Isn’t there a better way of branding a news network?

Well, let’s look at ITV News. The network recently gave their television news output a new identity and the adjectives which come to mind are beautiful, simplistic, and fresh. It would be groundbreaking for the U.S. news industry if CNN stopped emulating the market leader and adopted something similar. Lambie-Nairn, the design agency responsible for ITV’s new look, is a reputable agency that has worked on a number of projects across the world. You can see their work below. Perhaps the likes of Jeff Zucker may decide to engage viewers as oppose to annoying them.


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