Tired with American Apparel? Look Overseas!


We were inspired to write this blog post after we asked the Men’s Health Magazine fashion director whether he knew the British retailer River Island. They are rumored to open in NYC next year. Much to our surprise, he claimed that he did not know about them. But he liked what he saw. If you are fed-up with the apparel offerings in this country, check out some options below. Most have very reasonable shipping prices to the states and with one exception (Collette), their price-points will not break the bank account (even after the currency conversion).


Collette: A retailer frequented by the likes of Howard Schultz. Known for its unique offerings that will make you go into some serious debt.


Uniqlo: The Japanese clothing firm set to invade America. Often compared to Gap. Launches an e-commerce this fall for the U.S.


Zara: You may be living in a dark hole if you have not heard of the fast-fashion giant.

Desigual: Spain’s version of Urban Outfitters.

United Kingdom

Asos: This online retailer needs no introduction. They stock hundreds of brands besides their own.

House of Fraser: British version of Nordstroms.

Marks & Spencers: The nations favorite department store.

Next: Popular high-street chain known for trendy looks.

Reiss: Think Calvin Klein, but more sophisticated.

River Island: A cross between Urban Outiftters and Zara.

Credit: M&S


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