Jewel In The Crown

How do you fix a news channel with an identity crisis? You take a page from its younger and often under-appreciated sibling — CNN International. It is Time Warner’s jewel in the crown. With strong profits and ratings across the world, the global network must be unleashed on to American viewers. The question is whether executives in Atlanta and New-York have the guts to execute on such a bold move. Over the last decade, CNN’s revolving door has spun fast. Hence, simulcasting a good portion of CNNi programming on the American mothership may be the only solution to solving CNN’s woes. Not only will a re-positioning improve credibility in the public eye, CNN actually may steal some viewers from global news channels carving out niche audiences in the States. Will viewers be lost in process? Perhaps. Those who have a distaste for oatmeal over candy will likely gravitate elsewhere. But imagine the savings in production costs if CNN U.S. were to air International Desk with Hala Gorani or Connect The World with Becky Anderson in key time-slots.


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