Musical Chairs at CBS

Would you like to a play a game of musical chairs? Less than seven months into its debut, CBS is shaking up its talent again by replacing This Morning co-anchor Erica Hill with White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell. When the news first broke, we were surprised and highly irritated by the move as were just getting use to the show. We have supported This Morning and told our friends and family to watch being the only decent morning show on American network television. As global-oriented viewers, it still has a way to go for us to describe it as great. We still do not see enough “international” guests on the show; Fareed Zakaria, Gillian Tett, Katty Kay, Reza Aslan, or Tom Friedman.

But we’ll stick around for the foreseeable future. O’Donnell is a seasoned reporter and we wish Hill the best. However, if CBS believes that viewers will endure another talent change six months from now, the network has another thing coming; it must stick with the new team for a very, very long time.


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