An Open Letter to Dr. Cabrera of GMU

Dear President Cabrera,

As alumni of George Mason University, we welcome you to the school and wish you the best as you take office. As you know, Mason has evolved over its short history and is destined to become a top-class university. However, there are areas that need improving and who better than well-versed alumni to point those out.


  • Bureaucracy: All internal organizations seem to be plagued by varying degrees of bureaucracy. Ways need to be found to cut it. We suggest you solicit feedback as to how this problem can be eliminated.


  • Class Schedule: The Fairfax campus is busy Monday to Thursday. Yet most people leave campus on Friday and Saturday either to go home or visit friends at other universities.  Please consider altering the schedule so there are more Friday classes. Mason should not be a four day university.


  • Weekend Activities: Bolster weekend activities and the program board. If students are bored and there is little to do, they will go elsewhere.


  • Sports: We have heard the arguments for and against a football team at the university. It is true. Sports can unite a campus in ways that academics cannot. We witnessed this first-hand with the Final Four. We are not oblivious to the fact that budgets are being cut so we ask that you bolster the sports teams that are worthy of additional funding.


  • Alumni: GMU needs to do a better job of recognizing outstanding students. Thus, when we ask them to “give back,” they will feel more inclined to do so. Instead of treating students like a number, make them feel special.


  • Chipotle: We have heard rumors of Chipotle coming to campus. Wouldn’t it be nice if GMU was the first university in the nation to have an on-site location?


  • A Titanic or 1000 Wave Runners? While at GMU, we were often in the dark about interesting events taking place on campus. It seems little has changed. Students, organizations, and departments are not fully “in-the-know” as to what each group is doing. This problem will cripple the university unless a universal system is found to bring everyone on the same page.

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