The Stream Must Go On With…

If you are not a regular viewer of The Stream, Al Jazeera’s social media tv show based in D.C., you would be forgiven for not noticing the string of talent departures over the last few months. A relaunch is forthcoming, but without some of the people who have made it a success. The show may not be a ratings juggernaut, but there is value to what these folks have done and will continue to do. I am confident that an appropriate host will be found to carry the show forward.

It is why I am throwing my clout (if I have any) behind Al Jazeera’s very own Adrian Finighan. I came across Adrian when he was a presenter on BBC World while I was wrapping up my shenanigans in high school during the dinosaur era. At the time, our family room television used to be tuned in to BBC News every evening. The more I watched Adrian, the more I grew to appreciate his on-air professionalism and light-hearted moments. I emphasize the latter because most of the BBC presenters appeared dull and serious. Not Adrian. He gave the channel a much-needed energy boost and it didn’t hurt that he was considerably younger compared to some of his esteemed colleagues. When Mishal Husain moved to Washington to front the BBC’s bulletins aimed at the U.S, he supported her as the main London anchor. Many have fond memories of that pairing. Fellow classmates at university who knew of them called Adrian and Mishal the “dream team.” As lame as it may sound, it partly served as a source of inspiration when it came to deciding my future career. I had the honor of interviewing him for TV Newser when he joined CNN and there was no sense of arrogance in our conversation. There should be no doubt that having an amiable personality is an important variable in selecting a presenter. That is especially true for The Stream.


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