Surprise! Voltaggio’s Lunchbox Dissapoints

After the below-average experience at Volt, I found myself seeking refuge at The Lunchbox while in Frederick recently as passing storm engulfed the area. I was familiar with their bare menu, but there were no hot drinks on offer. Hot tea? No. Coffee? No. Iced tea? Yes. So what happens during winter? Selected the meatloaf sandwich, tomato soap, and brownie. The meatloaf was decent, but the tomato soap was bland while the brownie under-whelmed.

The decor is minimal and reminds you of a school cafeteria, but cleaner. The staff were nothing worth writing home about. Nobody followed up with “how is everything?” sorta question. No, these college graduates appeared like they didn’t want to be bothered so here is some advice; don’t ask them anything. With some minor tweaks to the menu and service, things can improve. But staying on course will simply get this place nowhere as customers realize The Lunchbox is not worth dignifying past their first-and-only visit.


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