Shopping Malls Must Adapt

If it has taken a decade for shopping malls to add the most basic amenities such as restaurants, concierge desks or comfortable seating, then the death of “the mall” is most certain. The recession and rising popularity of lifestyle centers has not helped matters either. Moreover, retail companies are closing stores or shrinking their square footage. Therefore, it is imperative that shopping centers find creative ways to boost foot traffic. Besides adding chain restaurants and gyms, how about a supermarket? It’s not an outlandish idea considering malls overseas incorporate both large or small grocery stores – commonly seen throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East. Developers may not be up for this idea, but why not incorporate more natural lighting. Do we hear large skylights, anyone? If restaurants and retailers are depending more on their popularity amongst millenials, then developers better take some notes. If they don’t adapt quickly enough or remodel their properties, death is all but inevitable. Retail Traffic has a great article on what American retail is doing to stay competitive – maybe the same principles can be applied to “the mall.”


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