D.C. Fast-Casual Food Players in Expansion Mode

As consumers demand better ingredients and turn their back on fast-food restaurants, we want to highlight a few D.C.-based favorites that have the ability to change the way we  – and possibly the rest of America eat.

Cava Grill

No. of Locations: (2)

In the Works: (3) Tenleytown | Merrifield | Columbia Heights

Beyond our Borders: Looking to expand beyond DC (not immediately)

Franchise: Would like to retain 100% control of food and brand

“With Cava Grill, we have worked to offer this premium food, that has a naturally healthy profile, to time conscience, health conscience, and budget conscience consumers. We have a zero waste program/all our disposable materials are composted, we use reclaimed wood in our mill work, led lighting etc), an inviting atmosphere, and dedicated crew has appealed to and aligned with our customers’ lifestyle attributes.”

Taylor Gourmet

No. of Locations: (4)

In the Works: (2) Dupont | Merrifield

Beyond our Borders: Possible expansion on the east coast in the future

Franchise: Not interested in the franchise model right now, want to keep organic growth

Attributes of Success: Quality ingredients, consistent product, good vibe in shops and most of all, everyone has fun at work

ShopHouse Asian Kitchen

Chipotle’s Asian sister is being tested in our own backyard with much hope invested in the concept. One day, it could be as a big as Chipotle and the business community will be watching developments closely as company stock continues to soar.

No. of Locations: (1)

In the Works: (1) Georgetown

Beyond our Borders: If successful in D.C., a national expansion is likely to follow

Franchise: No

Elevation Burger

As the country’s premiere organic burger chain, Elevation is giving us reasons to love a simple and tasty burger.

No. of Locations: Too many to count

In The Works: Unknown

Beyond our Borders: Outlets are already open in states such as Florida, California, Texas and New-York.

Franchise: Yes


Photo Credit: Cava PR / Taylor PR


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