“Expect Amazing” from Qatar 2022

Developing a strong brand is no easy task. It defines what you are and how you stand out from the crowd. Mediocrity will lead a brand into a visual noise trap – create an icon and leap ahead of the competition. Lambie-Nairn, one of the world’s highly-acclaimed design firms, developed a multi-platform campaign that successfully earned Qatar the rights to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. D.C. Internationalist spoke with Christian Schroeder, Lambie-Nairn CEO, to discuss the project. 

Why does L-N believe it [the campaign] was successful over the other bids?

Though the Middle East is a somewhat underdeveloped football region – there is a real love of the game. The bid was hugely successful in capturing the passion of football fans. The bid’s rallying cry “Expect Amazing” was aspirational and exciting. The way this was expressed through the brand was very modern and urban, and it resonated both locally and internationally.

What did the marketing campaign encompass for it to beat out the competition?

In terms of the marketing aspects and specifically the brand Lambie-Nairn developed for Qatar’s bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the campaign was unique in that it evolved throughout the duration of the bid process. And it evolved in a consistent way.

The brand was deliberately designed with a robust set of assets. Dozens of illustrations, photographs, a unique type-style and inspiring copy were layered to create a feel for the bid that could stretch across a variety of touch-points. These visual assets were then used to create numerous communications that were introduced gradually, so there was always something new, something fresh.

All this meant that the bid was very visible – from flags lining the roads in Doha, TV adverts and enormous building wraps – to poster adverts at the region’s busiest airport in Dubai, exhibition stands at SoccerEx, and the iPad app we created – the bid was truly brought to life.

Credit: Lambie-Nairn

Note: Blog post originally published on 12/17/2010


2 responses to ““Expect Amazing” from Qatar 2022

  1. If you believe that Qatar is hosting the World Cup because of the superiority of their presentation, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in.

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