Morality Stings

There is a widely read book that tells us we are all sinners. Of course, not everyone who reads that book feels guilt over their misdeeds – myself included. As a child, I never felt guilty about showing off my poor grades to my parents. As a teenager, I certainly felt no guilt over the fact that I allowed my girlfriend to reach fourth base before marriage. And there was no felt guilt over the lack of participation in our local place of worship. The building – built over the course of what seemed like an eternity – was impressive in its grandeur and size.

But we had not set foot in it since its opening years earlier. After inspecting the shoddiness of the construction and wrapping up a self-guided tour during a holy month, we were asked to leave the premises. Unknowingly, we had failed to gain permission to enter a “restricted” area. Despite being kicked-out by a little twat who lacked a functioning brain, I realized that a) I felt no guilt in deciding not to return and b) that one’s morality does not have to be dictated by faith. As long as you strive to be a good person and attempt to improve the world – in whatever way, shape or form – nothing else matters.


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