Middle East Connections

Passengers flying to the Middle East and beyond will soon have a variety of airlines to pick from. Starting March 31 2013, Abu-Dhabi-based Etihad Airways will launch daily flights into Washington Dulles. The carrier currently serves New-York, Toronto, and Chicago in the North American market. With Etihad’s arrival at Dulles, a battle for market share will likely follow for passengers hoping to reach Africa, South Asia, and the Far East.

Qatar Airways currently serves as the major Middle Eastern carrier at Dulles and provides easy connections to South Asia. While United has service into Dubai, it is NOT the airline of choice among many. But the potential arrival of Emirates Airlines and use of an A380 jet could be the ultimate game-changer – dealing a swift blow to the entire competition. Ultimately, increased competition means better fares and better service as carriers work hard to lure passengers to their respective service.

Photo Credit: Etihad Media


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