Just Give Us The Good Stuff

The burger renaissance shows no signs of slowing down. As consumers grow accustomed to paying a bit more for better food, service, and overall experience, they may find themselves responsible for laying the tombstone on the fast-food industry. Jumping on the growing trend, one of D.C.’s most-talked about restaurants hopes to replicate its success elsewhere and abroad.

The Good Stuff Eatery, a popular burger joint on Capitol Hill, plans to open in Philadelphia and Chicago with two additional D.C. locations already in the works. But Spike Mendelsohn and his family want to eventually give Europeans the good stuff treatment. Under the current four-year plan, Paris and London are on the radar as U.S. properties get further developed. “We’d ideally like to start in countries we are comfortable and familiar with and go from there,” says Micheline Mendelsohn. Chicago and Philly will be operated and owned the family, but overseas outposts could be managed through a “partnership.” Having travelled and lived in Europe, the Mendelsohns feel confident their concept will be embraced. “Our concept of farm fresh, hip and nostalgic food would do well there.” But the family wants to expand slowly to retain the high-level of brand integrity.

Photography Credit: The Good Stuff Eatery


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