NPR Executive Tapped to Lead BBC in U.S.

NPR executive editor Dick Meyer will lead the BBC’s operations in the U.S, it was announced today. In this role, Meyer will oversee BBC World News America, the U.S. edition of the BBC News website, and stateside newsgathering. His appointment comes after the departure of Rome Hartman who joined NBC News. Hartman shared his thoughts on the BBC’s operations in America via a BBC College of Journalism event this past July. Below are notables quotes we compiled.

Digital Innovation

“If the BBC wants to be a really top-ranked player in online news, it needs to innovate much more quickly and much more nimbly than it does now.”

The Power of the BBC

“I’ve always felt that the BBC somehow falls a little bit short of asserting its power when it comes to its relationships with American media companies or networks. The BBC is a little bit shy…we kinda act like the junior partner.”

“We ought to be saying ‘listen, we’re the BBC,’ we have an amazing offering and we ought to act as if we do a little bit more than we have.”

“I don’t exactly know to what that ought to be attributed, but it’s something that I’ve seen across the bit…we’re sort of – a little – starstruck by the American media companies and they ought to be starstruck by us instead of the other way around.”


“Here at the BBC, there sometimes is a naive view that you can’t have commerce and fairness co-existing, and I think the BBC needs to get over that.”

Covering the United States

“Having World News America based in the Washington bureau made the BBC’s journalism better.”

“Our audience is going to be more and more online – particularly in the U.S. We just have to figure out a way to get the best of BBC journalism…on to the news website.”


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