Airport Food Needs Improvement

You don’t necessarily think of fine dining when travelling through an airport. But hubs around the world are making their spaces inviting and present air travellers with more options. In JFK, the new JetBlue terminal boasts Deep Blue Sushi amongst its’ offerings. In British Airways Terminal 5 at Heathrow, Gordon Ramsay presents Plane Food. And what does Dulles have to offer? Well, not too much. The dining experience has improved with the construction of the gleaming Concourse B. Passengers can wander into Chipotle, Max & Erma’s, or Cosi. But is that the best Dulles can offer? The D.C. Internationalist caught up with one area chef to seek out his thoughts on the topic. “I usually stick to coffee, bottled water, bran muffins, and bananas for my “terminal” food”, says Geoff Tracy, owner of the popular Cheff Geoff restaurants. He feels the options are growing, but there are too many mass chains. Indeed, the options have grown at Dulles. However, a simple review of their dining options shows the typical chains we all are so familiar with. Working with an airport authority is a different experience for a dining operator. But Tracy is not shy about his interest in setting up shop. “I’d love to get into it” he says. We hope he does because for domestic and overseas tourists alike, a visit to any one of his area restaurants is essential.


 Photo Credit: Cheff Geoff Media


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