The Zoo at Dulles Airport

What do foreign tourists think when they walk through the international arrivals lounge at Dulles Airport? Madhouse? Dungeon? Take your pick. On several occasions, we have noticed – during peak hours – that over-crowding becomes an issue and little is done to control it. Such a big problem could be solved with barriers, dividers, public announcements…etc. We have personally had to stand on the bridges to the exit doors to avoid the crowds. Removing the carousel(s) (#14 and #15?) closest to the lounge may be an option. While most of the airport has been renovated and boasts a beautiful train system, we are also concerned with the ancient interior of the international arrivals lounge. There is a flight display screen that looks like it has been there since the Watergate scandal. A lack of natural light makes the area look depressing and there is no artwork to greet foreigners to the nation’s capital in the lounge itself. Come on people. This is the first impression tourists have of D.C. so we encourage Dulles to get their act together and call in the professionals. We can draw inspiration from other airports below.



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