Pret + Target = Success?

Pret A Manger continues its expansion in Chicago and not D.C. It was recently announced that the British sandwich maker will open a location within Target’s new urban concept named “CityTarget.” Typically, Target locations feature a Starbucks or Pizza Hut. But featuring a Pret within a Target store meets objectives for both companies. Pret continues its drive for more visibility in the U.S. while Target is able to jump on the health-concious bandwagon and attract premium clientele among the city’s office crowd. According to the Chicago Tribune, the companies declined to describe the arrangement as a test. But it’s clear that both parties will be watching the outcome very closely.

Pret has been keen on an American expansion ever since it’s debut in Manhattan, NY. But after conducting a lack of research and over-expanding, the company quickly shuttered stores and began to tailor it’s offerings to suit the American palette. For the Minneapolis-based Target, it is the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history by moving into urban sites. CityTarget is aiming for real estate in Los-Angeles, Seattle, and San-Francisco. “We have no other plans in place today for (adding Pret A Manger to) other CityTarget stores, but we’re excited for the potential for that over time,” said Annette Miller, senior vice president of merchandising for Target’s grocery business. ” I am inclined to believe that if Pret drives traffic and rings in high sales within the Chicago loop location, you may see additional Pret sites follow.

 CityTarget Chicago will open in July, 2012.


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