Ten Ways to Improve The Early Show

Most of us are familiar with the notion that CBS’ The Early Show is perpetually mired in third place from a ratings stand point. No matter how many times they change their anchors, no spike in Nielsen digits. The problem lies with The Early Show itself. It looks so much like the market leader (Today Show), there is nothing to distinguish itself from the competition. How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Here are ten ways to improve The Early Show.

1. Who Needs An Announcer – Ditch the announcer and cut the opening “LIVE from 5th Avenue.” Um, we already know your location. We can google it if we want to.

2. Proper Opening Sequence, People! –  Introduce a proper graphics sequence courtesy of Angus McKeown; a brilliant television graphics designer.

3. Music Theme – Get David Lowe (BBC News music) to downplay that loud fanfare beat you’ve got going on. Some people watch BBC News just to listen to Davids music.

4. Be Global – Air more global stories.  That will be a first for the morning news shows.

5. Content – Cover stories on sports, arts, culture…stuff that Today and GMA would never touch. I’ve never seen architect Santiago Calatrava on your show.

6. Beyond 7:30 a.m – Give us an hour of serious news till 8 a.m. Then move into fluff territory.

7. Move Studio – Wanna save mucho dinero? Stop paying so much rent on that Fifth Avenue location.

8. Affiliates – Convince affiliates to add more E.S programming.

9. Grow A Beard – Ask Chris Wragge to grow a beard. He looks way too young.

10. Finally – Stop thinking that lighter news stories boost your ratings. It only works for Today.


One response to “Ten Ways to Improve The Early Show

  1. Well said! When the Early Show does cover good stories, they only seem to spend about 90 seconds on them; they NEVER go in-depth enough. I also think they need to tell Erica Hill to stop trying to be so funny in EVERY segment. She is funny, and some of that light-heartedness is good, but she does way too much of it.

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