International News is Trendy

Who would have ever thought we would see the day when global news became fashionable? In the United States? You must be joking. Ah, but it has. Al-Jazeera English, much-praised for its coverage in Egypt, is in heavy demand from American viewers seeking an international perspective on a global news. Countless articles – and I mean countless, have been written covering the rise of the fledgling network and why it is still struggling to be carried by major cable operators in this country. According to media reports, AJE management is set to meet with Comcast at the end of this month. But realizing an opportunity is not to be wasted, the BBC announced it would move its flagship U.S. news program BBC World News America from BBC America to the BBC World News channel starting March 28. The move is an attempt to bolster the profile of the news channel in the U.S.A which is distributed in six million homes on a 24-hour basis. As the New-York Times pointed out, cable operators are reluctant to carry international news channels. And while it maybe hard to quantify or translate the figures AJE received though online viewership into Nielsen ratings, one thing is certain; international news is trendy.


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