Gap CEO Steps Down; Listen Up Patrick Robinson

After 24 years with the company, Gap, Inc veteran Marka Hansen stepped down as CEO of Gap North America this past week. Shocker, I know. Not! When sales are just dandy abroad, but suffering at home, this move came as no surprise. Listen up Gap creative; stop dressing us guys as French bohemian artists. And realize that we have to go places other than a book club or church.  HBO’s Bill Maher summed it up best.

“Someone must the tell the Gap, which changed its logo from this to this and then back to this, that no one gives a damn. The Gap doesn’t need a new logo. It needs to stop being the place with expensive cheap clothes…that asks the question, how can something without any style go out of style? Remember, none of us are in the Gap because of the logo, or because of the clerk who says, “Those jeans look cute on you.” We’re all in here for one reason and one reason only; because some old person who doesn’t know any better gave us a gift card.’ – New Rule Segment



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