The Extended Rundown: Air France A380 to Dulles

Travel: Air France is pleased to announce service of the A380 from Paris to Washington beginning June 6, 2011. Using the A380 will allow the airline to combine two flights which leave Dulles at similar times while offering the same seat capacity at a 20% reduction in operating costs. This should translate into a reduction of carbon emissions. By July 2011, Air France will boast the usage of the super jumbo on 5 destinations out of Paris: New York-JFK, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Montreal and Washington.

With Washington, three of the five destinations served by Air France’s A380 during summer 2011 will be in North America. This effectively illustrates the airline’s investment in the North trans-Atlantic network. The A380, highly appreciated by our customers, will strengthen our assets on one of the world’s most competitive markets”, said Patrick Roux, Senior Vice President Americas. (Air France)

Dining: Merzi opens in Penn Quarter. Expect a review in the upcoming days or weeks. (Merzi)

Sport: Russia and Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup in 2018 and 2022 respectively. Did Qatars marketing bid seal their fate? We’ll ask branding experts Lambie-Nairn who were tasked in developing their 2022 campaign.

Retail: Poll results are in. You voted for Apple followed by TopShop as your preferred dream retailers on F Street. Thanks to my friends at PQ Living for helping me.



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