The Extended Rundown

Travel: “Qantas aircraft (A380) could have exploded,” according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Yikes. Rival Boeing has its fair share of problems. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Theaters: It’s the end of a saga. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part I is unveiled this week.

Design: If only America’s supermarkets could entice customers with great design for food packaging…(see above)

Media: Former BBC/CNN news presenter Adrian Finighan joins Al-Jazeera English. (@afinighan)

Cars: Fiat 500 is unveiled at the Los-Angeles Auto Show. (NPR)

Dining: Following an article on DCist, I made some inquiries. Yo! Sushi (below) will enter the DC market in the “second or third quarter” of 2011, David Gonzales of development told The Internationalist. He expects Yo! Sushi to have five locations in the district. The company will eventually expand into Virginia and Maryland suburbs. Yo! Sushi joins a long line of foreign dining concepts entering the DC market; Pret A Manager, PAUL, PingPong, Nandos, Wagamama (TBD), Vapiano, La Tasca…

(Credit: YoSushi/Sanderson & Associates)



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