The Extended Rundown

Dining: If Paul Bakery (France) is able to transplant some of their most decadent offerings including the  most delicious bread rolls I’ve ever eaten from Paris to DC, it will be a success. Dilute the brand to appeal to local tastes and it may end up a failure.

More Dining: The food truck craze continues to grow. Just check out the ever-growing list of food trucks on Food Truck Fiesta.

Grooming: King of Shaves is partnering with Remington to distribute co-branded products nationwide starting next spring. Till now, KoS had a patchwork distribution network. (Real Business)

Travel: Turkish Airlines began service into Dulles. Check out this tv commercial from the airline featuring a line up of football (soccer) celebrities. Iceland Air will begin seasonal service next year. (Turkish Air/YouTube)

More Travel: Virgin America posted its first ever quarterly profit. The low-cost carrier has doled out money for additional aircraft to serve its ever-growing network. Dallas and Mexico are next. Chicago is on the horizon while Houston, Philadelphia and Atlanta are on the radar too. PR rep Abbie Lunardini told me that no definite plans are in place, but to stay tuned when asked if VA would launch flights out of Dulles to other destinations. (Bloomberg)

Culture: Washingtonians are considered one of America’s least attractive people by Travel and Leisure magazine. Yesssss! What do you expect when you have brainiacs and book-worms flooding the area. (Washington Post)

Hospitality: Courtesy of a British firm, Motel 6 is sporting a new look and has been moved into the 21st century. Glad you guys caught up with us. (WashingtonPost)

Retail: With the expected opening of Anthropologie next year on F Street, which retailer/s would you like to see open nearby? I’ve put a wish-list together in my next posting.


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