Suburbs with a Soul, Please!

As I came home after a two-week vacation in London and Paris, I had a feeling of sudden desperation. The clock ticktocked passed 11 pm when the cab pulled into my dark street. It was then that I realized that American suburbs have no soul. I didn’t have a sudden epiphany. I’ve always maintained, with a few exceptions, that suburbs are places that force us to lead lives contrary to what we need as social creatures. Granted, I was staying in the heart of two of the world’s most populus cities. I became accustomed to the honking, shouting…etc. But what I sorely missed was the ability to walk to places such as supermarkets, cafes, and metro stations.

When I woke up the next morning, grappling with the notion that my vacation was over, I heard nothing but pin-drop silence. It was then that I made a decision; a plan to sell my home and move closer to the city center. Developers may be shifting from large-scale neighborhoods to more urban communities such as the Reston and Rockville Town Centers. But it’s not happening fast enough. It’s time to trade my space for happiness.



2 responses to “Suburbs with a Soul, Please!

  1. I totally agree and I live in Annapolis. I spent part of the year in Leuven, Belgium where everyone walks and rides a bike. There are always people around and all my shopping is within 5 minutes. I come to the US and my neighborhood feels like it was evacuated. I know there are people there but they are bundled up in the homes, probably in front of their tv.

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