Canal Park: Future Icon of Washington

Internationalists’ love their gardens and parks. Thus, it is pleasing to announce that the District will hold a formal ceremony on Tuesday, August 31st to celebrate the much-anticipated construction of Canal Park, according to DCmud. It will be the first public park built in Washington D.C. in over 20 years. Davis Construction will build while Blake Dickson Real Estate will serve as agents to find a food vendor for the park’s southern pavillion. Set over three blocks, the park will include a rain garden, ponds, large fountain, sunken amphitheater, and a seasonal ice rink. No date has been set for actual construction, but developers anticipate a late 2011 completion. The Olin Studio serves as principal landscape architect on the project. Partner David Rubin discusses the project in his interview with Urban Design Podcast. “The notion that you can stimulate the economy, stimulate the environment, and growth of a neighborhood, through the design of a park, is very much in keeping with the practice of Olin,” said Rubin. He expects the park to not only attract local residents, but those who live throughout the region and beyond.



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