BBC News Online: North America

You might have noticed that the BBC News website received a bit of makeover. “A bit” is actually an understatement. This is the biggest overhaul of the news website since 2003. And what’s more interesting is an enhanced section has been created for readers in North America. Here’s what the BBC had to say on the development of the site.  “For the first time, from today, we will have a dedicated website team based in the BBC’s Washington DC office making sure that a new, North America edition front page reflects the stories, themes and issues which matter most to our users in the US and Canada, including – as now – the best possible selection of stories from around the site.”

World News America anchor Matt Frei will launch his own blog – American Frei –  in September after a “completely unplugged summer holiday.” Expect Twitter updates from Matt, State Department correspondent Kim Ghattas, and North America editor Mark Mardell. And finally, more online content in the form of a video blog updated by digital reporter Franz Strasser.


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