Pret A Manger (1155 F Street): Unveiled

One year and six months later, Pret A Manger opens its second location in the district. When asked what took so long to open another site; location and leasing rates were big factors, according  to manager Zin Aung. During the recession, leasing rates were falling across the nation, but remained flat in the district. And Pret’s second location was to be open seven days a week, thus finding the perfect spot was  important. Eventually, Pret settled on the corner space at 1155 F Street. The restaurant itself is spacious with tall ceilings and large bay windows.

Pret has been very well received in Penn Quarter. The company made a conservative estimate on the amount of business the location would pull in, but Aung indicated that initial sales have doubled those figures. But some customers have noted that prices are slightly higher when compared to the competition. I disagree with this notion. Why? My bill at Pret for a sandwich, an orange soda drink, and a packet of crisps was roughly ten bucks. I have paid the same amount and sometimes more at Panera Bread for those three items.

As for the future, the company is looking to expand in DC so stay tuned. Pret maybe opening near you.



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