Reza Aslan: A Global Voice

Social media is being permanently woven into the fabric of everyday life. And Reza Aslan, the noted author and professor, is using that medium to reach his diverse and ever-growing audience. The Internationalist recently caught up with the California-based scholar for his views on social media and much more. Aslan is actively involved in the use of platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. He feels, in one way, AslanMedia “can build bridges between cultures, ethnicities, and religions.” With individuals becoming increasingly tech-savvy, a move into the social media realm comes as no surprise.

Aslan is also serving as editor on an upcoming anthology and is looking forward to the release of Tablet & Pen: Literary Landscapes from the Modern Middle East. Available this November, it will feature both historical and contemporary work translated into English from Persian, Arabic, Urdu, and Turkish. Amazon describes it as “a volume that celebrates the magnificent achievement of twentieth-century Middle Eastern literature that has been neglected in the English-speaking world.” Comprising of short stories, poems, and essays, this anthology is bound to be a success.

On a final note, we asked Aslan to share his views on…

President Obama’s policy towards the Middle East: “Pathetic,” Aslan exclaimed.

Al-Jazeera English: “They have done a marvellous job of promoting journalistic integrity.” He had equal praise for the BBC and NPR.



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