Daljit Dhaliwal on…Al-Jazeera English

Former Worldfocus/CNN International/ITN news anchor Daljit Dhaliwal hit the broadcasting airwaves on Al-Jazeera English today. We spotted her at 2 PM EST on the Newshour show. Newshour provides an hour of world news hosted from three of Al Jazeera’s four broadcast centres, linked together live. In this case, it was Darren Jordan in Doha, Julie McDonald in London, and Daljit Dhaliwal anchoring in Washington.

Daljit has known to freelance since her days at CNNi ended. She recently served as anchor of Worldfocus until the show was cancelled due to a lack of funding. As for AJE, it’s unclear whether this is a one-time gig, but we’re glad she’s back on-air.

Update 8/13/2010: Contacted her agency HD Reps. Officially, no comment could be made. Personally, I would expect her to stay on for quite some time. Two Washington anchors have moved; Ghidha Fakhry to Doha and Rob Reynolds to Los-Angeles causing a “gap” in the schedule.



One response to “Daljit Dhaliwal on…Al-Jazeera English

  1. Daljit adds magnitism to the news show when she appeared though for a shortwhile on ‘Worldfocus’. Has wonderful diction in her voice & narration. Look forward to Al-jazeera being telecast on New York channels.

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