The Rundown

Media: The New York Times, not The Post, is the top online newspaper, comScore says.

More Media: Piers Morgan, America’s Got Talent judge, to sign with CNN?

Hotels: Bethesda-based Marriott Hotels reveals more about its boutique brand; Edition.

Demographics: Forbes has created a mapping website that shows domestic county-to-county migration trends during 2008. You discover where people in the US moved to and from that year. As much as we dislike this town for its traffic and snobby residents, are more people moving here than escaping it?

Culture: La Festa Italiana is taking place on Sunday, June 20 and bringing a little slice of Italian music, food, and flair to DC.

Travel: United Airlines begins service from Dulles to Accra, Ghana on June 20.

TV: Top Chef DC premieres on Bravo.

Food: Red Mango frozen yogurt opened its doors in Arlington, VA on June 5. Yep, we know. We’re late on this one.  Korean-based Red Mango has stores in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and South Africa. A Vienna location is coming soon near the Amphora complex on Maple Avenue.



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