The Review: Red Fox Inn

Drive away from the hustle and bustle that is our nation’s capital along a picturesque route 50, and immerse yourself into the historic town of Middleburg, Virginia. At the corner of East Washington and South Madison Streets, you’ll find over 250 years of history at the Red Fox Inn. Red Fox is said to be America’s oldest operating B&B. It was here during the Civil War, General Jeb Stuart met with Colonel John Mosby and his famous Mounted Rangers.

Upon entering, the rustic elements stand out and create a charming ambiance that most establishments will never attain; the muted lighting, dark wooden floors, enduring walls, and large beams that have stood the test of time since 1728. The patio seating area is an oasis during these summer months. Our party arrived shortly after lunch, and thus sampled items from the “Lighter Fare” menu. The fried chicken with mashed potatoes and a biscuit were agreeable. The crème brulée infused with hints of lavender provided the ultimate pleasure during our visit. This family owned business has great potential to lure patrons who seek a true and unique dining experience away from the senseless worship of chain restaurants.



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