Memo to CNN: Give Us News

Great. Now that Campbell Brown is stepping down from her role at CNN, we’ll have more people talking about how CNN should improve it’s ratings. Unfortunately, The Internationalist is jumping on that bandwagon, but for good reason. You see, we just want the news. We don’t care about slogans; “No Bias, No Bull”, “Keeping Them Honest,” or your pompous music playing in the background. Nor do we care about what some democratic or republican strategist has to say about a political story. Just give us the news.  In 2006, CNN U.S. began airing Your World Today, and then dropped it because the economy took center stage. Suddenly, we needed a whole show devoted to Issue #1. We challenge CNN to learn more from its sister network – CNN International – and to air a prime-time newscast that covers the news as it should be with simple reporting. Hmm…what a quaint idea.

Your move CNN.



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