Restaurant Reviews

We’ve sampled a few restaurants in town. Here’s what our team had to say about the following.

Asian Spice: Chinatown

  • Taste: Excellent
  • Service: Good
  • Decor: Modern
  • Pricing: Average/Above Average
  • Would we return? Yes

Ping Pong Dim Sum: Chinatown

  • Taste: Good
  • Service: Good. It was opening week. It had to be.
  • Pricing: Above Average/Expensive
  • Decor: Sleek. Modern
  • Would we return: Yes, but only if we had to impress someone.

Bibiana Osteria-Enoteca: New-York Avenue

  • Taste: Satisfactory. Appetizers were tasty. We agree with a review from Trip Advisor. Our risotto looked like vomit.
  • Service: Good.
  • Decor: Modern
  • Would we return: No. Too pretentious.
  • Alternative: DeCarlo’s by American University.

Rasika: Penn Quarter

  • Taste: Average/Good. Portions were small.
  • Service: Unsatisfactory.
  • Decor: Modern.
  • Would we return: No. Crowd was pretentious. Most waiters were arrogant. We do not care if celebrities frequent Rasika. All we desired was a delectable meal that filled up half of our stomaches and pleasant service.
  • Alternative: Tandoori Nights in Arlington, VA.

Matchbox: Capitol Hill

  • Taste: Average
  • Service: Satisfactory
  • Decor: Modern
  • Would we return: No, due to food poisoning. All four in our party were affected.
  • Alternative: You decide.

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